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Kids Birthday

Make a video featuring your greatest hero in the leading role! Show your child on his/her birthday in front of all the Very Important Party-friends! A grand premiere for the little ones is precisely the touch of magic every birthday needs.

Wedding Anniversary

Renew your vows on video. Mix it with flashbacks of all the good moments, and flash-forwards of the even better years yet to come.

Just Say Yes!

Don’t JUST get down on your knee, be original! Surprise your fiancé(e) with a video proposal! The ultimate prequel to a never-ending love story, to be continued!

Mabrouk Video

Forget those boring slideshows with corny music, here’s the cherry on top of the wedding cake. Surprise the bride and groom with a special, custom made movie at their wedding party. There are 1000 Mabrouks, but only 1 Mabrouk wedding video.

Retire in Style

A golden watch doesn’t capture all the good times shared at the office, only a video would! Celebrate the conclusion of a big career on the big screen. Who doesn’t like happy endings?

Please Forgive Me

Words don’t come easily, especially when it comes to saying the most difficult of them all: I – Am – Sorry. If you can’t say it, use an original video and show it.

Family Moments

Yes, they do grow up so quickly… So start saving memories of their childhood years… Build-up the ultimate video collection to keep those years in the memory of many generations to come. Bring family members together for an exclusive Video shoot with words of wisdom from the older generations, messages of thanks from the younger generations, etc. and share with all family members at a special occasion or holiday.

A star is born

Forget Naomi, Penelope and Scarlett … the most beautiful woman is a pregnant woman. Follow each step of the 9 most precious months in a woman’s life. Let us help you put together a personal documentary, showing how endings are always the birth of new beginnings...

Last words

There comes a time that when one looks back on his/her life and contemplates the lessons learned, the messages to be shared with the younger generations, or simply thoughts to be shared… What better way than to save these messages and thoughts, than on a video.


It’s not the famous people who inspire us, but also the ones close around us. Now you can honor, thank, and commemorate all those special enough to have made our life worth living, with a unique tribute movie that captures all those memories too precious to be forgotten. We will work with you on capturing how that special person has touched the lives of those around them in a unique video that would thank them and recognize their contributions.